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Ecommerce is constantly growing and changing the way we shop. With the global pandemic causing more business to innovate and leverage modern technology to reach their customers, it is now more important then ever to make sure your website is not only online, but giving your customers the experience they desire.

Once an online store is running and getting traffic, the next step is to analyze the way your website is used by your customers to consistently improve their experience and make sure all they are aware of all the products and services you provide.

At Digitize we excel in ensuring your systems are secure, robust, search engine optimised (SEO), and fast. You won’t lose customers to slow page loads that let their minds wonder.



Whether you have a existing Shopify store and need custom applications written, external reporting using the Shopify API’s, or a complete new store set up. Our in-house experts can get you selling fast.



Spree is a highly customisable and robust platform built ontop of Ruby on Rails that offers extensive customisations to ensure you can offer your customers the best experience for the products you sell. Digitize has extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails products and has maintained many Spree installations.



A great solutions for websites already leveraging WordPress or looking to control the complete front-to-back customer journey. We offer setup, customisations, and high performance hosting to ensure your customers get the best experience

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