About us

Initially formed to develop and manage www.daytradescans.com, we have quickly grown to become recognised as a developer of high-quality custom software and supplier of custom hardware solutions for our clients in a large variety of industries.

We have enjoyed steady organic growth based upon the quality of our work and customer satisfaction. At our present level, the company is well placed to ensure all the benefits associated with larger organisations are available, while remaining a size which ensures our clients receive personal attention from senior management and Directors.

Digitize has Certified AWS Solutions Architects, Microsoft Partnership status, and constantly undertaking training & certifications to benefit your business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become recognised as a leading performer in software development and hosting solutions in a competitive global marketplace. Our motto is Think Local – Act Global.

Our Mission

To utilise the best available Technology Solutions as efficiently as possible to create value and a competitive advantage for our clients. 

Think Local – Act Global.

Our Details

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Adelaide, South Australia
(+61) 488 661 094

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